What is reputation?

Reputation points are a mirror of your expertise. If people like your answers, questions or publications you will gain reputation points. If answers you give won't help or publications aren't very good, you will lose points. Every user will start with one point and will never get below this level. If your answer is not a best answer anymore, all gained reputation points for this will be discarded.

When will you gain reputation?

  • Your question is voted up: +5
  • You marked an answer as best answer: +2
  • Your answer is voted up: +10
  • Your answer is marked as best answer: +15
  • Your publication is voted up: +15
  • Your publication is reviewed successfully: +15

When will you lose reputation?

  • Your question is voted down: -2
  • Your answer is voted down: -2
  • Your publication is voted down: -10